Honing Machines

Honing Machines

delapena are world leaders in the honing industry, offering honing solutions with a focus on delivering the precision and consistency that our customers rely on.

We strive to deliver and exceed your honing requirements. From initial conversations right through to the commissioning of your machine. We are your trusted honing partners, providing you saving solutions in both cost and productivity.

We are with you through the entire process and gain an in-depth understanding of your companies honing requirements, including applications, abrasives selection, training requirements and more, all combined ensuring your new honing machines are accurately aligned and delivering tangible results.

Introducing delapena's iHone

Designed by delapena's expert team of engineers, iHone is delapena’ s icon-based software providing the operator with a conversational touchscreen interface.

delapena group developed the ground-breaking icon-based iHone software to improve ease of use. delapena's machines are utilised across the globe, so the iHone software will be available on their new generation honing machines.

Honing Technology

ProductionHone- Automating The Micron

The ProductionHone, a revolutionary machine that seamlessly integrates honing and gauging into a single, automated process. A game-changer in honing machines. This machine promises to streamline production lines and maximizes efficiency.

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PowerHone E

PowerHone E

The PowerHone E is a vertical honing machine for large and heavy components in small to medium size batches and prototypes. Sturdy machine design, accurate and repeatable stroking movement, the capacity to short stroke at any position and a bore diameter range from 25.4mm all combine to provide a versatile honing solution for a wide variety of applications.

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The ForceHone is the big brother to the SpeedHone. Ergonomically designed, featuring innovative carriage design with stroke speeds up to 600 strokes per minute and more powerful motors for small to medium parts and increased productivity gains. Increased accessibility with sliding guards, user friendly HMI screen and push button controls

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Our flagship machine, the PrecisionHone is a vertical honing machine for production honing of small parts. Accurate and packed with features, for large batch work and tight tolerances the Production is the machine of choice. Now featuring our iHone technology; enabling ease of use and fast set up times.

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The SpeedHone is a horizontal honing machine, suitable for batch production of smaller components. Designed as an alternative to older manual honing machines, the SpeedHone makes the honing process faster and safer. The SpeedHone offers quick changeover and is easy to maintain.

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SpeedHone Cooper S

In addition to our standard honing machines, delapena design bespoke machines.

Based on customer requirements all the classic features of the EAS have been incorporated on the SpeedHone Cooper S machine; a simple, easy to use operating system displayed on an HMI screen and controlled from two front facing panels; in process adjustability; short stroking and stock removal settings are at the operators’ fingertips.

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The TubeHone is the ideal machine for cylinders up to 4m in length. Our standard TubeHone hones up to 650mm bores, with bespoke options up to 1m. Powerful motors and a belt drive system ensure rapid stock removal.

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An innovative long bore precision honing machine, designed specifically to hone straight and tapered bores at lengths up to 1200mm*. The CalibreHone achieves tolerances and geometries to below 2μ, for diameters up to 50mm.

This technically advanced machine features a unique step-back, ‘back taper’ honing programme, to produce a controlled taper in the bore over a specified angle and length.

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delapena brings you iHone; a graphical icon-based machine interface designed to simplify the process of programming our honing machines. Using Siemen`s touchscreen technology we now offer a conversational style interface that is easy to use, but still packed with features.

Much of our honing knowledge and best practices are baked into the iHone system, included are on-screen help pages enabling the operator to diagnose geometry and finish issues on the machine. The controller allows for extensive program storage enabling fast setup of repeat work maximising productivity.

iHone software making this easier than ever before on our range of new flagship machines.

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