Precision honing solutions for the Aerospace Industry

A major breakthrough in the maintenance of aircraft, allowing onsite honing of critical components, enabling aircraft back into service quicker.

Tandem Alignment honing tools.

delapena has a reputation for providing an extensive range of honing machines, tooling, and ancillary equipment. That reputation has now been enhanced following the development of a series of Alignment Hone tools targeted at aircraft maintenance. These simple, yet innovative hone tools allow major structural elements of aircraft to be re-machined In-Situ, eliminating the need for expensive dismantling and reassembly, resulting in significant savings in time and cost.

Working in conjunction with leading airline maintenance companies, delapena has created a tool that will produce precision honed surfaces and maintain the centreline of two independently honed bores.

“The ability to hone bores on assemblies such as landing gear, without having to remove them from the aircraft is a significant breakthrough in reducing aircraft downtime and reducing maintenance costs,” Paul Lane, Global Technical support engineer.

Alignment Hones are manufactured to customers’ specific requirements and applications include the honing of side stays, gear ribs, retract jacks and engine pylons. Each kit is supplied with a drive shaft and truing sleeve to ensure that everything that is needed to complete the process is ‘in the box'.

A revolutionary way to hone and service aircraft

Alignment hones are a simple but revolutionary way to hone and service aircraft without the need for expensive and time-consuming dismantling. Developed in conjunction with industry leaders, these tools provide precision honed surfaces whilst maintaining the centreline of the two bores without the need to remove the components from the aircraft.

Typical applications already using this range.

A320      Side Stay    Gear Rib

A330/340   Side Stay    Gear Rib    Retract Jack

A350       Pylon

A380 Side Stay Gear Rib

Technical Data

The tool body is made such that its length matches the centre distance of the two ‘in-line’ bores. One end of the tool is fitted with abrasive stones and the other with nylon guides.

When the tool is inserted into the bores the nylon guides are expanded to pilot the tool in one bore while the honing stones are expanded to increase the diameter of the bore to be honed. When the first bore has been honed to the correct size the tool is removed and inserted from the opposite end so that the nylon guides are piloted in the honed bore while the stones increase the diameter of the second bore. If access is restricted and the tool cannot be inserted from each end of the tandem bore then the position of the honing stones and nylon guides are reversed in the tool after the first bore has been honed.

delapena honing tools

delapena honing tools are manufactured to exact customer requirements and supplied with Driveshafts and optional Truing Sleeve.

These tools use all delapena standard consumable parts.

Standard vertical honing head range of tools are used.

Midget - 1201/1202 25.4-38.1 mm/ 1.00-1.50 ins

Minor - 1203/1204 38.1-55.8 mm/ 1.50-2.20 ins.

Junior - 1205/1206 50.8-68.3 mm/ 2.00-2.68 ins

Standard - 1207/1209 65-752 mm/ 2.56-29.61 ins

Major - 1209/1210 65-752 mm/ 2.56-29.61 ins

Aircraft kit list

Example Setup

Tandem Line HoneTandem Truing SleeveComponent
MT58133/170MT19002/170Gear Rib/MLG
MT58133/191/1MT19003/191/1Side Stay
MT58133/347/1MT19033/347/1Side Stay
MT58133/244MT58254Gear Rib/MLG
1207 Standard HeadMT19065Retract Jack
MT58133/244MT58254Gear Rib/MLG
MT58133/355MT19033/355Side Stay
1207 standard HeadMT19064Retract Jack
MT58133/264MT19039Gear Rib/MLG
MT58133/382MT19048Side Stay
MT58133/150MT19003/150Retract Jack
MT79000Alignment Hone - Midget & Minor head at 130mm centres
MT79000Alignment Hone - Midget & Minor head at 130mm centres
MT79001Alignment Hone - Minor & double Minor head at 723.9mm centres
MT79002Alignment Hone - Midget heads at 630.46mm centres
MT79003Alignment Hone - Minor heads with adjustable centres at 185 & 220mm 
MT79004Alignment Hone - Midget & Minor head [Ø1.25" & 1.9375" bores]
MT79005Alignment Hone - Standard heads at 197mm centres [Driven from one end only]
MT79006Alignment Hone - Standard & Junior head at 268mm centres
MT79007Alignment Hone - Major, Major Head at 611mm centres
MT79008Alignment Hone - Minor, Minor Head
MT79009Alignment Hone - Double Minor head
MT79010Alignment Hone - Double Reduced Midget head Ø22.8
MT58130-XXMidget Alignment Hone
MT58131-XXMinor Alignment Hone
MT58132-XXJunior Alignment Hone
MT58133-XXStandard Alignment Hone
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