Pioneering the way forward with the new generation honing machines

Pioneering the way forward with the new generation honing machines

The recent couple of years has been extraordinary for all. For delapena group, it has bought challenges and uncertainties that could not have been foreseen. However, this has allowed them the ideal opportunity to invest time in R & D which has proven to be both interesting and exciting. Renowned for being innovative, industry leaders in honing, delapena are pioneering the way for Industry 4.0. Intelligent honing machines. Mach 2022 will be the first public demonstration of three new generation honing machines. PowerHone E, ForceHone and PrecisionHone.In addition to the eagerly awaited new machines, delapena new cutting-edge iHone technology.

precisionhone honing machines


delapena`s flagship machine, the PrecisionHone is a vertical honing machine for production honing of small parts. Accurate and packed with features, for large batch work and tight tolerances the PrecisionHone is the machine of choice. Designed for medium to large batches, the PrecisionHone can be configured to suit the customers’ needs.

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