Unleash the potential of your workforce

Here at delapena we know there is nothing more valuable than having staff that are fully trained in the knowledge of the honing process and equipment to create the best results.To guarantee production, which is consistent in both quality and quantity, it is imperative that you have fully trained operating personal. 

Bespoke training

  • A discussed mutually agreed course to cover specific needs and requirements
  • On-site at customers premises
  • Honing best practices demonstrated
  • Set-up of customers machine for their own components
  • Safe operating procedures for safety and reassurance

On-site training for delapena tandem line honing tools

  • Demonstrate safe operating procedure
  • Demonstrate the correct assembly and setup of the tool
  • Show how to use a truing sleeve to give the best performance and results
  • Train staff how to complete the work In-Situ achieving the required results
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