Delapena Takes Flight

Delapena Takes Flight

Revolutionizing Aerospace Repair with Innovative Honing Tools

delapena, a leading name in the honing industry, is making waves in the aerospace sector with their revolutionary Tandem Alignment Honing Tools. These ingenious tools are rewriting the rules of aircraft landing gear maintenance, offering a faster, safer, and more sustainable approach to aircraft repair.

The aerospace sector is increasingly tightening the requirements for components to achieve lighter weight and greater performance from end products – higher power densities, more precise control, tighter sealing, less noise, and vibration.

Traditionally, maintaining the intricate and often difficult-to-reach components of aircraft involved time-consuming and expensive disassembly of key parts like landing gear and engine cylinders. This not only disrupted operations but also drove up maintenance costs significantly.

delapena’ s Tandem Alignment Honing Tools are a gamechanger. These innovative tools allow for In-Situ honing of critical twin bores, eliminating the need for disassembly. This translates to faster turnaround times, reduced costs, enhanced safety through perfect alignment and extended component life, and more sustainable practices through reduced waste.

How they work

The tool body is made such that its length matches the centre distance of the two ‘in-line’ bores. One end of the tool is fitted with abrasive stones and the other with nylon guides.

When the tool is inserted into the bores the nylon guides are expanded to pilot the tool in one bore while the honing stones are expanded to increase the diameter of the bore to be honed. When the first bore has been honed to the correct size the tool is removed and inserted from the opposite end so that the nylon guides are piloted in the honed bore while the stones increase the diameter of the second bore. If access is restricted and the tool cannot be inserted from each end of the tandem bore, then the position of the honing stones and nylon guides are reversed in the tool after the first bore has been honed.

The impact of delapena’ s tools extend far beyond mere convenience. They represent a paradigm shift in how aircraft landing gear components are maintained, prioritizing efficiency, safety, and sustainability. As air traffic continues to grow, these tools play a vital role in ensuring the smooth operation and longevity of our global fleet.

delapena’ s Tandem Alignment Honing Tools are a testament to their commitment to innovation, precision, and a deep understanding of the aerospace industry’s needs.

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