Chrome Stone - Honing Hard Materials

Chrome Stone - Honing Hard Materials

In recent years Ceramics, Chrome and Carbide have provide a challenge for the honing process due to the increased surface hardness properties of the newer grade carbide abrasive.
To address these harder materials, delapena sintered products state of the art production facility, design, develop and manufacture super abrasive bonds with outstanding results.
Following extensive research and using innovative technology, delapena have developed Chomestone.

`Honing of Hard Chrome case study`
A customer of delapena was using a delapena PowerHone to resize Chrome plating in cylinder using a conventual silicon carbide abrasive. The downside to using conventual abrasive is the abrasive wear quickly and the honing machine needs constant adjustment to maintain size. The customers honing process averaged 60 minutes depending on the depth of the chrome layer.

Chromestone developed by delapena sintered products was then introduced and reduced this honing process to 10 minutes. Another advantage that their customer also gained was that traditionally the worn chrome plating was stripped overnight in chemical tanks. Using a rougher Chrome bond abrasive, Chromestone, allowed the cylinder to be honed prior to the plating process in a little under 20 minutes negating the need to chemically strip the cylinder.

Lower cost Super abrasive 
  delapena sintered products strive to offer the highest quality product and service to our customer, a key factor in this is value of the product.  To address the high cost of super abrasives we were keen to investigate all the sintering technologies available with the intention of driving the super abrasive manufacturing costs down making it an affordable option compared to standard abrasive.
This has been achieved by investing in the best technology available as well as optimising the process flow in manufacturing using best practice lean principles. Quality, Delivery, Price, and Service targets have all been achieved with customers saving on average 30% against competitors’ products.

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