A strong history of innovation through evolution

A strong history of innovation through evolution

delapena Group has always been at the forefront of development and delivery of reliable honing solutions. One of the most successful line of honing machines delapena produced was the Speedhone series, there are still many thousands of them in use throughout the World. The Speedhone provided a simple and effective honing solution for the skilled operator to use and give an all round consistency of Honed product.

Today more and more companies are looking for a cost effective honing solution to give even greater flexibility and capability. The EAS SpeedHone is the next generation from delapena and is already making a difference to many clients including aviation engineering company, Impcross, based in Gloucestershire.

“Impcross has a reputation for manufacturing difficult parts in volume to compete on the world stage. To be able to achieve this we have invested in the right machines and work with strategic partners to ensure we remain competitive and produce a product to the highest exacting standards required in the aviation industry” said Dale Ballinger, CEO of Impcross.

Markets such as aerospace work on the frontier of research and development, with a continuous drive to find lighter and stronger materials. This delivers a stream of challenging new materials and applications for honing, particularly as the tolerances required in technically advanced componentry are constantly being refined. The standard expectation is now two microns and part of the preference for honing is because this process can achieve this close tolerance work with ease and speed.

The SpeedHone is a compact machine with considerable flexibility and capability. The honing process becomes deskilled and offers both a semi-automatic and manual operation. The SpeedHone is ideal for one off and batch production work, honing from 1.14mm – 80mm diameter, with an increment of one micron.

“When we invest in new machines we need to ensure precision, be able to automate a process and have reliability.  The EAS SpeedHone has significantly improved productivity and lead-time for our honed processes and products.  We have just placed another honing machine order with delapena to expand our honing capability further. delapena offer excellent support to our business and as a result our joint partnership grows stronger”, continued Dale.  

The easy operation of the EAS SpeedHone means that operatives can be trained in under one hour, along with ergonomic controls and rapid tool changes.  The SpeedHone has foot pedal control function, integral coolant system and a lightweight safety interlock guard all contained within a compact space-efficient unit that can be lifted and relocated on a standard pallet truck.

Feedback from clients has focused on the affordability of the unit, ease of use, increased productivity and quick tooling changes. The SpeedHone is ideal for bushes, sleeves, pump bodies, valve bodies, con rods, rocker arms and refurbishment of components.

“The Speedhone from delapena has a reputation built over the last 90 years and the EAS SpeedHone is a natural next step for us as a company” said Managing Director Martin Elliott. “The SpeedHone is an essential machine for every tool room with it`s affordability and increased productivity, some clients have shown us that SpeedHone now takes hours to do a task that previously could take weeks”. Martin continued.

Key Features of the SpeedHone

  • Precision Control
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Versatility
  • Innovative Design
  • Compact Size
  • Electronic Control System

delapena Group supports every aspect of improving surface finish, from feasibility on a part, to specification and new machine manufacture, to special tools and services that include subcontract honing, application development, process engineering, maintenance and training.

delapena Group has every facility required for honing, including an application centre, subcontract honing department, tooling refurbishment centre and a reverse engineering tooling centre. The company has a reputation that has been built over the last 90 years, a reputation for a high quality products, great service and value.

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